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Clinical, Leadership and Engagement Opportunities


Addition Medicine Physicians, Interdepartmental Division of Addictions, PHC Information

Anatomical Pathologist, Department of Lab & Path, PHC Information

General Surgeon – On-Call Locum, Department of Surgery, MSJ Information

Interventional Pain Management Anesthesiologist, SPH, Information

Nurse Practitioner, Acute Care Medicine Unit for Older Adults, PHC Information

Nurse Practitioner, Road to Recovery, PHC Information 

Renal Transplant Surgeons (Locum Tenens), SPH & VGH Information

Academic Otologist/Neurotologist, Division of Otolaryngology, PHC Information

Family Medicine Physicians, Interdepartmental Division of Addiction Medicine, PHC Information

Physiatrist, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, PHC Information

Internal Medicine Physicians, Department of Medicine, PHC Information

EOI Family Physicians, John Ruedy Clinic Information

Academic General Otolaryngologist, PHC Information

Beedie Family Fellowship in Lipidology and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, UBC Information

Visit the Health Match BC website for current available positions at Providence Health Care:


EOI Family Medicine Head, Department of Family Medicine, PHC Information

EOI Lead Physician, Centre for Healthy Aging at the nSP, PHC Information

EOI Assistant Department Head, Department of Psychiatry, PHC Information

EOI Physician Program Director, Department of Psychiatry, PHC Information

MSJ Lead Physician of Medicine & MSJ Assistant Associate Head of Medicine, MSJ Information

MSJ Associate Head of Medicine & MSJ Assistant Lead Physician of Medicine, MSJ Information


PHC’s Planetary Health Strategy (paid role) – Apply by March 1

Be part of developing a strategic plan to reduce our impact on the environment for a more sustainable future. You’ll join a small advisory group from across PHC to review and advise on engagement approaches, findings, and strategic directions. Sessional payment with est. 4 x 60 minute discussions + 2 hours of review. More