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See Physician-led Quality Improvement: PLQI/ SSC

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Physician Led Quality Improvement

​​​​​‘To support the local needs of physicians with improving the delivery of patient care”

What is P​LQI?

The Physician-Led Quality Improvement (PLQI) program at VCH and PHC is a province wide initiative and a partnership between Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care, and the Specialist Services Committee (SSC).  It is designed to address gaps in quality structures relating to physician participation in quality improvement (QI) activities. These include sessional funding, helping to build physician QI expertise and leadership skills, and ensuring physicians have adequate technical supports. For more information visit: https://medicalstaff.vch.ca/working-for-change/vch-phc-plqi/

What do we o​​ffer?

We offer three options in your path to becoming a QI champion:

Level 1: IHI Open School and Video:

Level 2: Intermediate Training

Level 3: Advanced Cohort Training​