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People and places across PHC and the Medical Staff

Programs and People

The Medical Staff at Providence work across three acute-care sites, multiple residential-care facilities, and regional and provincial programs to provide primary and secondary care to patients and communities of need.



Medical Departments and Divisions
Anaesthesia51 Department Members2  Divisions
Emergency Medicine46 Department Members
Family Medicine235 Department Members4 Divisions
Medicine231 Department Members16 Divisions
Midwifery39 Department Members
Obstetrics and Gynecology18  Department Members
Opthamology24 Department Members
Orthopaedics  9 Department Members
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine30 Department Members
Pediatrics8  Department Members1 Division
Psychiatry67  Department Members3 Divisions
Radiology28 Department Members1 Division
Surgery69 Department Members7 Divisions

Administration mailboxes will respond to Medical Staff inquiries only.

Medical Staff Departments and Divisions Department Heads and Division Heads are responsible for Medical Staff professional practice and academic affairs (i.e. they focus on the practitioner).

Physician Program Directors (PPDs) and Physician Operations Leaders (POLs)  focus on patients and residents and the processes of care delivery to those served by the Program.  Both Department Heads and PPDs sit on the PHC Medical Advisory Committee (MAC).

Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)

The Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and its four committees is the Senior Medical Administrative body for all Medical Staff and reports to the PHC Board of Directors. More about MAC. >

Medical Staff Association (MSA)

The Medical Staff Association (MSA) is the elected body of the Medical Staff (appointed physicians, dentists and midwives) and provides services on your behalf and for your benefit. More about your MSA. >

PHC Physicians and Surgeons Association

The PHC Physicians and Surgeons Association is a non-profit society that manages Facility Engagement funding and activities for physician-led projects. As part of the MSA, PASS is working to strengthen the physician community and voice in PHC. More about PASS >

Medical Affairs

The PHC Medical Affairs team supports medical staff for a range of needs, from contract management and compensation to professional and personal development. More about Medical Affairs >