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Catch Them Before They Crash: Cerner National Early Warning Score (NEWS)

A tool called the National Early Warning Score (NEWS, or NEWS2) is being implemented in Cerner on October 26, 2022 to assist with early detection and response to clinical deterioration in adult patients. The tool will be in place at all VCH/PHC/PHSA hospitals and provide a standardised way to identify a sick patient who is deteriorating and requires urgent clinical review. What do I need to know about NEWS2? NEWS2 Read More »

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Covid QSV

BC’s Definition of Health Care Quality: Dimensions and Matrix: Read more about it here >


Meet our pillar team

Working together

Working together to represent Medical Staff in PHC's strategic plan.

Consultant Lead

Dr. Trina Montemurro


PHC Sponsor

Dr. Janet Kow

Senior Medical Director, PHC Acute Care; Physician Program Director, PHC Elder Care

DrHayleyMerkeley sq

Medical Staff Advisor

Dr. Hayley Merkeley


Shanta Chakrabart

Medical Staff Advisor

Dr. Shanta Chakrabarti



Medical Staff Advisor

Dr. Keeva Lupton

Geriatric Medicine

Past Quality Pillar Team Members

Dr. Eileen Wong, Past Interim Consultant Lead,

Dr. Adrienne Melck, General Surgeon - Past Pillar Lead

Dr. Ron Carere, VP of Medical Affairs, PHC VP Sponsor

Dr. Janet Simons, Pathology and Laboratory

Dr. Kristine Chapman, Neurology

Dr. Sabrina Gill, Endocrinology

Dr. Garth Hunte, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Shannon Jackson, Hematology


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