Engaging at PHC

Connections, engagement and funding

Strong Voice, Strong Community

We’re building an active and vibrant physician community at PHC by engaging deeply with each other, creating partnerships, and fostering leaders among us and with our PHC leaders and administrators.

A strong, connected and engaged physician community ultimately supports us in our daily work to provide the best patient care. We have many activities where we can:

  • get to know our colleagues
  • take care of our well-being
  • share ideas about transforming patient care
  • have a voice in PHC decisions
  • lead funded projects
  • enjoy fitness and fun in social settings
  • be inspired by speakers and leaders

At the same time, we are a respected voice and partner in Providence. With Facility Engagement and a committed senior leadership team at PHC, the door has opened to many opportunities that involve physicians in a meaningful way in the organization’s plans and decisions.

How to get involved


Join colleagues at events


Submit for project funding


Subscribe to physician news


Influence plans & decisions


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