PHC Strategic Plan in Action

Medical Staff Strategic Pillars

Physician leads and medical staff advisory teams are paired with senior leaders at Providence Health Care, to give medical staff a meaningful voice in our health authority's organizational plans and activities.

These “Strategic Pillars” enable stronger representation, collaboration and two-way communication among physicians, clinical and corporate leaders around the work to move Providence forward.

What is the strategic plan (Mission Forward)?

In 2019, Providence Health Care set out its foundational principles and high-level strategic directions and goals, to help chart our organization’s way forward to 2026.

We are also designing and building a care campus, medical centre and hospital (The New St. Paul’s) that will help us focus and pursue our strategic goals. Here’s what it’s all about:

What are the Medical Staff Strategic Pillars?
  • Physician leaders are paired with senior health authority leaders, and 20 to 25 medical staff advisors (Advisory Committees).
  • They cover 4 key strategic themes: Quality, Learning, People and Partnerships. (Mission:Forward)
  • They support an additional priority called Primary Care Community Connectedness (PC3) linked to NSPH redevelopment.
  • They integrate with the work of NSPH redevelopment and its physician leaders.
  • Physicians are paid for Pillar work with funding from PHC-PASS / SSC Facility Engagement.
Why were the Pillars created?
  • To represent the collective voice of medical staff n our health authority's organizational priorities, and in activities and decisions about patient care and our workplace.
  • To align medical staff and health authority priorities to increase our impact and influence at Providence.
What do the Pillars do on behalf of Medical Staff?
  • Build relationships and communicate regularly with PHC senior leaders.
  • Consult on PHC’s organizational key deliverables each year, and activities and decisions.
  • Initiate practical work in each priority area that is relevant to medical staff.
  • Work across pillars on universal topics such as Indigenous wellness and culturally safe care.
  • Curate an online medical staff resource directory.
Background: Physicians weigh into the 7-year plan

Throughout the fall of 2018 and into 2019, more than 120 Providence Health Care physicians met to discuss priorities to submit to PHC’s strategic plan.
At our “Building Our Future” event, a diverse group of physicians from across Providence ranging from surgeons to radiologists came together with other medical staff and PHC leaders to share perspectives, ideas, and goals in five main areas:

  • Provision of exceptional care and outcomes
  • Integration of clinical care, research, and teaching
  • Our people and workplace
  • Seamless care between acute care and community care
  • Maintaining our unique culture

Their discussion generated a number of goals and ideas that were put forward for consideration as part of our organization’s 7-year plan. Read more here: Physicians weigh into the 7-Year Plan>

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Funding for physician leadership in this pillar is provided by the PHC Physicians and Surgeons Association (PASS) and SSC Facility Engagement.