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Meet our pillar team

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Working together to represent Medical Staff in PHC's strategic plan.

Consultant Lead

Dr. Grace Li


PHC VP Sponsor

Ms. Deborah Mitchell

PHC Chief Strategy Officer & Vice President, Governance

Medical Staff Advisor

Dr. Alaina Aguanno

Family Medicine

Dr. Lik Hang Lee

Medical Staff Advisor

Dr. Lik Hang Lee

Anatomic Pathology


Medical Staff Advisor

Dr. Ron Ree


Past Partnership Team Members

Serena Chee

Dr. Adrian Huang

Dr. Pierre-Paul Lizotte

Dr. Clare Alexander

Dr. Jiwei Li


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Virtual Care

Virtual Health Tools and Supports at Providence >

Indigenous Wellness, Reconciliation and Truth

Six Personal Acts Providence Staff can take towards Reconciliation. Read >

Indigenous Canada online course > Free. Medical Staff may opt to pay a modest fee to obtain a certificate.