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The big picture: What do we want to achieve?

Through Partnerships, we are looking to achieve these goals:

  • Create partnerships with government and other public, private and academic organizations to advance new models of care.
  • Cultivate partnerships that enable integrated care and more seamless transitions between hospital, specialty care, primary and community care.
  • Seek and create partnerships with leading technology and digital health organizations to improve responsiveness, connectivity and quality.
  • Prioritize partnerships that improve the care journey for Indigenous peoples and vulnerable populations.

Why this?

Throughout our 125-year history, our priorities are always to fill a need, to serve and advocate for underserved people, and to discover, create and invent what’s needed to solve whatever health or social problems our communities face.

While feeling confident in our own abilities to do whatever it takes to help those we serve, we have the humility to realize that we must partner with others to grow our capacity to improve what we do. These partners include other health authorities, all levels of government, community and patient groups, the private sector, foundations, and so many others.

Good partnerships will help ensure our patients can move easily from our care into the care of other appropriate health and social support systems. Good partnerships will also help us move more quickly toward adopting technology that will give those we serve options about how far they have to travel, how quickly they receive services, and how closely they are monitored and supported throughout their care journey.

What will change?

We will pursue the goals of Mission: Forward by partnering with others. We will always seek a win-win — to achieve what’s mutually beneficial. We will see more projects piloting digital technologies to explore how to provide higher quality or more efficient care. Or both. Through our partners, we will see more training and discussion about cultural humility and respecting the history and needs of the Indigenous peoples we serve. We will also see changes to specific models of care that become possible through innovative partnerships.

What’s the bottom line?

Nurturing our partnerships and creating new ones will allow us to improve the care journey of the people we serve. Whether that’s aided by technologies like telehealth, virtual health or wearables, or just seamlessly transitioning a patient from one level of care to another, partnerships are key to our way forward.

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How are Medical Staff involved in this work?

The Partnerships Pillar is working with Medical Staff to make these goals a reality in our day-to-day practice and hospital and patient services.

  • What partnerships will best support you and your patients?
  • Who and how specifically – we should engage for the most useful results?

This is your opportunity to help influence shared care initiatives and digital health strategies, and help make it easier for patients in our system.

You can also help us achieve our initial goals for this pillar:

  • Develop a digital and virtual health strategy
  • Facilitate Medical Staff engagement in PHC projects to improve patient transitions and flow across the system
  • Increase Indigenous Cultural Safety training for Medical Staff

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Meet one of our partners: Shared Care
Shared Care is  a way of working together to improve care for patients.  It involves redesigning collaboration between specialists and FPs to improve the interface, communication, and relationships between specialists, family physicians and patients with the goal to streamline the patient journey as they transition between areas of care.

Depending on the clinical gap identified, teams work to develop, implement, evaluate and spread successful prototypes with the intent to:

• Foster mutual trust and respect
• Improve collaboration
• Cultivate collegial relationships
• Bridge gaps in care to improve health and patient/provider experience

For more information on Shared Care initiatives contact Margot Wilson at

MEET OUR PILLAR TEAM: Our physician leaders and advisors are representing medical staff in key areas of our strategic plan.

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Virtual Care: Partnerships and Platforms

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Indigenous Wellness, Reconciliation and Truth

Six Personal Acts Providence Staff can take towards Reconciliation >

Indigenous Canada online course >   Free Course. Medical Staff may opt to pay a modest fee to obtain a certificate.

Funding for physician leadership in this pillar is provided by the PHC Physicians and Surgeons Association (PASS) and SSC Facility Engagement.