Facility Engagement Funding

Facility Engagement Funding

PHC Medical Staff have been increasing their voice through participation in a variety of PASS-funded Engagement activities

Find out more about ongoing PASS-funded activities of the PASS Working Group and strategic Pillar Advisory Committees. Updates on opportunities to get involved are announced to medical staff through regular 59-second Updates.

PASS is not currently accepting applications for new projects. All medical staff will be notified of any future Expressions of Interest for individual Engagement projects through our regular communication channels.

From 2017 to 2022, approximately 60 individual medical staff-led projects have been funded by PASS, through the Facility Engagement program. Each project has been aligned with one of our strategic priorities. This has included special intakes for COVID-related projects in 2020 and vision-supporting projects for the New St. Paul's Hospital in early 2021.

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Funding Decision Process: Who and How

Project selection has been led by PASS Working Group members (Co-chairs and Subcommittee leads) in collaboration with PHC’s Executive Director of Medical Affairs. This group evaluates engagement-focused project proposals submitted from medical staff during periodic Expressions of Interest funded by PASS and the Facility Engagement program. Funding of individual projects is allocated based on available funds and each project’s level of alignment with strategic goals. Proposals are assessed on how they might impact:

  • physician engagement
  • workplace improvement
  • patient care quality
  • cost efficiency.

Facility Engagement Funding Guidelines (May 2023)


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