Medical Staff Association

Representing you at Providence

Medical Staff are physicians, dentists and midwives who have been appointed to the Medical Staff, and who hold a permit to practice medicine, dentistry or midwifery in the facilities and programs operated by PHC.

2020 MSA Quarterly Meeting Dates: March 9, June 8, September 14, December 7 
The Medical Staff Association (MSA) is an elected body of the Medical Staff and functions in the following ways for the benefit of the Medical Staff:

  • Serves in a voting capacity on the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and all other Medical Advisory sub-committees.
  • Brings forward any resolution passed at a meeting of the Medical Staff to the MAC and or/other sub-committees.
  • In the case of disciplinary action taken with respect to an individual member, Medical Staff can avail themselves of assistance from the MSA if they so choose.
  • Presides at meetings of the Medical Staff wherein topics of interest to physicians are discussed.
  • Collects dues from the Medical Staff that are used towards activities and strategies that benefit the broader Medical Staff community at PHC.
  • Provides executive direction for the Providence Health Care Physicians and Surgeons Society (PHC PASS).

Quarterly Medical Staff Meetings

The Medical Staff Association and the members that it represents meet quarterly for the purpose of discussing topics of interest to Medical Staff. You will receive more information about these meetings from your department.

Members of the Active, Provisional and Associate Medical Staff are required to attend at least 50% of the General Staff Meetings in a calendar year. Please refer to PHC Medical Staff Rules.

Bylaws and Rules

New Medical Staff are strongly encouraged to review the PHC Bylaws and Rules for more information about the role of the Medical Staff Association.

Medical Staff Executive Committee (MSEC)

The MSEC consists of six members elected from the Medical Staff Association. The President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer are chosen internally within the MSEC. The 3 remaining are considered Members at Large.

Meet the MSEC Members
Dr. Tracy Scott- President

General Surgeon | Medical Staff Association President 

What are you passionate about at work? As a surgeon, I like to fix things. It’s really nice to see a patient come with a problem that we can actually fix. They go home with such gratitude, feeling 100% better.




Dr. Victor Leung- Vice President

Infectious Diseases Consultant and Medical Microbiologist | Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Control | Physician Lead, Antimicrobial Stewardship

What are you passionate about at work? Stopping preventable hospital acquired infections and promoting responsible antimicrobial use, and finding new ways of doing things to deliver better care.



Dr. Todd Raine- Treasurer

Emergency Medicine | MSEC Treasurer 

What are you passionate about at work? Ensuring our patients get the care they need when and where they need it.



Dr. Bobby Lee- Member at Large

Department of Anesthesiology,  Role – Head – Cardiac Anesthesia

What are you passionate about at work? Building great teams that work well together to provide the best possible patient care. 




Dr. Julia Raudzus- Member at Large

Psychiatry, Consult Liaison / Eating Disorders

What are you passionate about at work? I am passionate about excellent patient care and collaborative team work. I have been working at St. Paul’s Hospital for 9 years and over this time I have been increasingly interested in working on professional collaborations, partnerships and relationships not only within psychiatry, but also within the larger hospital network. I see the direct benefit of improved connection and communication in facilitating consistent and improved patient care.


Dr. Sarvee Mosavi- Member at Large


What are you passionate about at work? I mainly work at MSJ, with motility practice at SPH. I established and currently supervise the esophageal motility lab, with my sub-specialty area in neurogastroenterology and GI motility. This is an area close to my heart. I also really enjoy working with colleagues in other areas to advance patients access to such overlooked areas.
I also greatly enjoy teaching medical students and residents. I want to see further involvement of GI fellows in GI motility.



Medical Staff Engagement Organizational Chart