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Facility Engagement: Voice for Physicians

Providence Health Care is participating in the BC-wide Facility Engagement Initiative. Launched through the Physician Master Agreement, it aims to strengthen physician communication and collaboration with our health authority on matters that affect patient care and our workplace. It also aims to strengthen connections among physicians across our sites.

We are promoting meaningful physician engagement to make Providence Health Care an organization of clinical, research and teaching excellence to best serve our patients and families and transform health care.

Oversight of Facility Engagement at PHC
The PHC Physicians and Surgeons Society (PHC PASS) oversees Facility Engagement at Providence with funding provided by the Specialist Services Committee.

PHC PASS also funds physician leaders and medical staff advisor participation in four Strategic Pillars, through which medical staff are represented in our health authority's plans and activities.

PHC PASS provides opportunities for all physicians with privileges at PHC sites, and who are members of the PHC medical staff to participate in its activities, to:

  • Influence the delivery of the best patient care.
  • Work with physician colleagues to bring great ideas to life.
  • Have a say in decisions and the future of our sites and services.


How physicians can participate:


PHC PASS Working Group

Under the PHC PASS, the Physician Engagement Working Group was established to carry out Facility Engagement activities at PHC sites.

The Working Group meets the second Tuesday of every month from 4:30-6:00 PM.

It comprises physician members who are representative of the medical staff and include the following physicians:

PASS Board Members

Dr. Emile Woo - President
Dr. Tracy Scott - Vice-President
Dr. Lik Hang Lee - Treasurer
Dr. Shanta Chakrabarti - Director
Dr. Hin Hin Ko - Director

MSA Executives
Dr. Emile Woo - President
Dr. Elliott Weiss - Vice-President
Dr. Victor Leung - Past President
Dr. Shanta Chakrabarti - MSEC Member
Dr. Hin Hin Ko - MSEC Member
Dr. Clementine Tang – MSEC Member
Dr. Fred Rydz - MSEC Member

Medical Staff Strategic Pillar Leads - Learn more>

Dr. Trina Montemurro - Exceptional Quality, Safety & Value
Dr. Jesse Greiner  - Discover, Learn & Innovate for Impact
Dr. Grace Li - Partner to Transform Health Care 
Dr. Ana-Luiza Sayao - Inspiring People & Teams 

PHC Medical Leaders

Senior Medical Directors
Dr. Julia Raudzus
Dr. Dan Kalla

NSPH Physician Directors (funded by Providence)
Dr. Julia Raudzus
Dr. Dan Kalla
Dr. Charles Lo
Dr. Vishal Varshney
Dr. Sarah Stone
Dr. Mike Martin
Dr. Howard Chang
Dr. Shannon Jackson
Dr. Adeera Levin

PHC Medical Affairs
Monique Radlein - Executive Director
Dr. Harpreet Chauhan, VP Medical Affairs
Dr. Dan Kalla, Senior Medical Director

Clinical Informatics
Dr. Janet Simons

Doctors of BC
Elisabeth White - Senior Regional Advisor & Advocate
Russell Stead, Engagement Partner, Facility Engagement


Medical Staff Engagement Synergy Chart

 Read more about the Medical Staff Association> 

 PASS / Facility Engagement Priorities  


Read about PASS and physician engagement at PHC

Facility Engagement across BC

Facility Engagement is an opportunity for physicians, site administrators, and health authorities to strengthen relationships and increase teamwork and collaboration.

Read about Facility Engagement across BC here >

Each Health Authority across BC including PHC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding and has agreed on key areas for physicians consultation in Facility Engagement.

Gathering physician input

  • Raising issues of importance to the medical staff.
  • Improving the working environment for physicians.
  • Enhancing professional and collegial communications.
  • Fostering physician advocacy regarding patient care and the broader health care system.

Inclusion in decision making

  • Decisions about planning, budgeting, and resource allocation directly affecting the medical staff.
  • Significant decisions affecting physicians and the delivery of physician services.
  • Matters referred by the board of directors, CEO, or Medical Advisory Committee.
  • Medical staff bylaws and rules.

Partnership for quality and cost-improvement opportunities

  • Physician access to processes and resources that provide timely feedback on variations and the level of quality of clinical care in a way that will help to optimize patient outcomes.
  • Quality and cost-improvement opportunities and projects, including quality assurance projects.

PHC Physicians and Surgeons Association (PASS)

At PHC, oversight and funds for Facility Engagement are managed by the Providence Health Care Physicians and Surgeons Association (PHC PASS) a non-profit association that operates under executive direction of our Medical Staff Association.
As the medical staff of PHC, we are ready and able to respond to this exciting opportunity for consultation and collaborative leadership. An Engagement Working Group was formed in April 2016 to facilitate engagement for PHC medical staff.

This group is tasked to solicit your ideas, thoughts on issues, and proposals for projects, and using a fair selection process, choosing those that align with and address top priorities.

The Working Group meets the second Tuesday of every month from 4:30-6:00 pm.

Physician Strategic Priorities and Sub-Committees

PASS is advancing key strategic priorities that were established by medical staff to guide the work of Facility Engagement at PHC, and has established sub-committees for each.

Medical staff may join these sub-committees and/or apply for funding to lead activities in these priority areas.

Physician Engagement: What is changing?

We’ve come a long way since we formed PASS  in August 2016 with priorities set out by the medical staff. Since, we have been working to increase our voice and influence by:

  • Developing a respectful and inclusive culture, with collaborative leadership.
  • Recognizing and valuing expertise and contributions of all team members.
  • Engaging in effective problem-solving.
  • Championing the development and adoption of processes, practices, and policies that drive excellence and efficiency.
  • Contributing to creating a sustainable health care system.

Some of our activities include:

Collaboration with Providence Health Care

  • Senior medical staff representatives are now involved with PHC senior executive and board.
  • Senior administrators contribute to the PASS Working Group.
  • There have been many opportunities for physicians to meet in non-clinical environments at special events to get to know each other and build a more collegial community.
  • PHC has committed to a process that includes physicians in a meaningful way in PHC’s 7-year strategic planning process.

Physician-to-physician relationships

  • Increased opportunities for physicians to meet in non-clinical environments at at special events to get to know each other and build a collegial community.
  • Increased opportunities for physicians to join colleagues in wellness, fitness, social activities.


  • Funded numerous physician-led projects.
  • Facilitated ‘Unifying the Physician Voice’ – a first!
  • Hosted multiple Distinguished Speakers Series events on topics such as organizational skills for physicians, workshops on how to budget and how PHC’s budget is produced, and Value Based Health Care.
  • Served together at Providence in the Park.
  • Hosted & funded numerous physician leadership events.

Stay informed about our work to build a strong, unified physician voice and community

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