May 2023

Schwartz Rounds Launch at PHC: Empowering Care through Shared Stories


Join us for Schwartz Rounds

The Schwartz Rounds Planning Committee is excited to announce the official launch of a two-year pilot of Schwartz Rounds. 

What Is It? 

The Schwartz Rounds® is an evidence-based program that has been found to enhance compassion toward patients and families, improve teamwork and reduce caregiver stress and isolation. 

Schwartz Rounds provides a forum for staff and medical staff to discuss topics related to the complex challenges and strenuous demands they face every day working in health care. In contrast to traditional medical rounds, Schwartz Rounds offer an opportunity to discuss the social and emotional issues faced in caring for patients and families. Panelists from diverse disciplines participate in the sessions, including physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals. After listening to a panel’s brief presentation on an identified topic, caregivers in the audience are invited to share their own perspectives on the topic and broader related issues. 

When Does This Happen? 

This program will take place bi-monthly over the next two years, starting from June 2023 to 2025. Schwartz Rounds will take place at St. Paul’s Hospital, and all staff and medical staff are encouraged to participate in this program pilot. The success of this initiative will pave the way for it to be expanded to other locations across PHC.

The Patient I’ll Never Forget
June 15, 2023, 12:00-1:00PM, Cullen Family Theatre, SPH
Round #2 – Maintaining Compassion During Difficult Conversations 

September Date + Time TBD 

Round #3 – A Colleague Who Made The Difference 

November Date + Time TBD