Nov 2023

New Smoking Cessation Clinic opens for PHC clients


 As part of further expansion for the Interdisciplinary Substance Program (ISUP), a new Smoking Cessation Clinic opened at Providence Health Care.

The ISUP and our team are dedicated to helping individuals lead healthier, smoke-free lives, and we look forward to working together with you to achieve this goal.

What: The Smoking Cessation clinic has been established to support patients and clients in  reducing or quitting smoking as part of their health care journey.

Where: Located within the John Ruedy Clinic (JRC) at St. Paul’s Hospital

About the clinic:

  • The Smoking Cessation Clinic strives to provide comprehensive evidence-based support throughout the process of smoking cessation, serving patients who are either seeking assistance post-discharge from a health event or are interested in reducing and eventually quitting tobacco use.
  • Assessments are done in person, with both virtual and in-person follow-up appointments offered

Key Clinic Details:

  • Clinic Lead: Dr. Khara
  • Operating Days: Wednesday and Thursday
  • Clinic Hours: 09:00 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Referral Method: Fax (604-297-9670) or Email (

Referrals and access:

  • We encourage health care professionals to refer interested patients to the Smoking Cessation Clinic.
  • Patients can also self-refer by sending their details via email to the provided contact information below. The clinic is open to everyone, whether they are HIV-positive or non-HIV individuals.
  • We will exclusively accept referrals through fax and email.


Questions/Information: contact us at