Sep 2022

NP Meet and Greet


Get to know Jennifer Lehoux (she/her), Nurse Practitioner.

Job Title: Nurse Practitioner

Department/Location: Acute Care for Older Adults 9C/D

How long have you worked at PHC? Four years and counting!

Describe your job in one sentence: I work with a creative and dynamic interdisciplinary team to provide acute care for complex and comorbid older adults, and support their transition back to community in a safe and supportive manner by utilizing a large variety of community resources.

What is your favourite thing about your work? My favourite thing about my work is definitely the team that I work with each day. I am part of a large interdisciplinary team that fiercely advocates for frail and complex older adults, many of whom are unable to advocate for themselves. Together as a team we come up with creative ways to support older adults in achieving their personalized goals. Each team member’s input is essential to client care and each member is valued for their contributions.

Why Providence? The work culture at Providence is something I have never experienced in any other health authority/organization I have worked at. The positive attitudes, support, and teamwork I see and experience each day is why I love working at Providence!

If you weren’t in your current role as a  Nurse Practitioner what would you be? I would probably be a veterinarian as I love helping others and I love animals!

What superpower do you wish you had? I wish I had the power of healing.

What was your favourite class in high school? Math

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self? Do not let fear hold you back. Mistakes are opportunities for learning and growth.

What’s the most valuable piece of career advice you’ve been given? Treat the person first!

What would we most likely find you doing on your days off? I spend most of my free time with my two young children; however, I always do my best to sneak in a nap when I can!​