May 2021

Providence Health Care Medical Staff Anti-Racism Strategy


Early in 2020, A Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) delivery team at PHC was developed including corporate and medical staff leadership. The executive sponsor was Dr. Christopher De Bono VP, Mission, Organizational Development & Ethics with Elizabeth Stanger, Corporate Director, Strategic Initiatives; Rubina Mahal, Manager of Talent Acquisition and People Support Services and Dr. Tracy Scott, Medical Staff Association President. This team developed a framework to start working on DEI at Providence. This framework has been endorsed by the senior leadership at PHC.

In addition to the work that is being done on an organizational level, the MSA and facility engagement sponsored three focus groups with the medical staff during the week of March 1, 2021. They were facilitated by Rubina Mahal.  On March 8, 2021, a presentation was made on DEI at the Medical Staff Quarterly meeting, with the opportunity for Medical Staff to provide confidential feedback via SLIDO.

A summary of these four Medical Staff  meetings’ feedback was prepared by Elizabeth Stanger.

There were 5 recommendations that came out of this summary:

  1. That the Medical Staff Association make a formal statement, acknowledging institutional racism in the medical professions and in health care and committing to taking action to eliminate it.
  2. That the Medical Staff Leadership commit to modelling anti-racist attitudes, knowledge and skills.
  3. That the Medical Staff Association sponsor a forum for sharing personal stories and “truth telling” about racism in the medical professions and in health care.
  4. That the Medical Staff Association sponsor education and training for credentialed staff, including training on micro-aggressions and allyship.
  5. That the Medical Staff Association engage with Providence Health Care on the feedback summarized in this report so that it may inform the PHC DEI initiative.

Next steps:

As an MSEC we commit to working on these actions with our Medical Staff Advisory Group and continually bringing back our progress to the MSA. We also commit to working in parallel with the Providence Health Care DEI delivery team and the Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation Team to address DEI concerns as an organization.

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