Jun 2023

Access to SPH Emergency Department restricted as of June 12, 2023


The Emergency Department is implementing a safety action plan intended to reduce incidents of violence and aggression in the Emergency Department. As a result, you will notice some changes to the physical set-up of the Emergency Department as of June 12, 2023:

  • The Comox Street gate and the exterior door will be swipe card access. The only staff members whose swipe cards will work on this door will be Emergency Department staff, ED medical staff and other related services (e.g., security).
  • The double doors leading from the Burrard lobby into the Comox hallway will be closed. Greeters will be on hand to direct patients and staff. Medical staff who need to access the ED to see patients will be able to enter by the Burrard double doors.
  • Medical staff who typically use the Comox Street entrance can enter the building via a new staff entrance. The entrance is located to the left of the Emergency Department ambulance driveway, down the stairs. This entrance offers access to all the 3 Burrard elevators and a stairwell, which provide access to Burrard Building upper levels and Providence Building, bypassing the Comox hallway.

For more information and Q&A: https://providencehealthcare.org/ed-door-access