PHC Medical Staff Directory

Need help to use the PHC Medical Staff Directory?


Contact with your Name, Department and Specialty for the following assistance:

  • Need support for signing up, or to use PHC Medical Staff Directory

  • Need to add a specialty or clinic not listed

  • Want to report that you have lost your device so we can log you out.

  • Want to remove your profile upon leaving PHC (your responsibility to contact us)



The PHC Medical Staff Directory helps medical staff to:

  • Connect and communicate quickly with colleagues using a mobile device.
  • Contact sites and clinics across PHC directly without going through the switchboard.
  • Get to know each other’s interests to build our community and collaboration.

Note: The Directory is intended for communications purposes only, not for the confidential exchange of patient information.

This is not a secure texting platform which is a planned organization-wide initiative. Please follow the PHC E-mail and Texting Policies when connecting with colleagues using this directory.


Voluntary: you are in control

  • Your use of the PHC Medical Staff Directory is voluntary. You enter and manage your own information as you see fit, and use the device of your choice.
  • Only medical staff who are credentialled/ privileged with Providence are personally invited to join and will be able to access your information.
  • It is your responsibility to manage your own information.
  • We will never share your information with outside parties. See Terms and Conditions.


An initiative of the PHC Physicians & Surgeons Association (PHC-PASS) and PHC Medical Staff Association (MSA).