Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST)

Goes live at Providence Health Care, November 16, 2019

CST will introduce a new electronic health record that when complete will be shared between all Providence Health Care, Vancouver Coastal Health, and Provincial Health Services Authority sites. Clinical practices will be transformed through standardization of practices and processes across all sites.

CST Provider Update, October 17, 2019

CST Provider Update, October 1, 2019

CST Provider Update, September, 2019


Project Information (Transformation Central): http://our.CSTproject.ca/phc
Front-End Speech Recognition (FESR) training: http://bit.ly/FESRFlex-PHC
Project Contact: PHC-CST@providencehealth.bc.ca



The road map for the project will see our PHC acute care sites, St. Paul’s Hospital, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital (MSJ) and Holy Family Hospital (HFH), going live with CST the first two weeks of November. This initial go-live will include residential care at MSJ and HFH. Other PHC residential care homes including Brock Fahrni, Langara, and Youville will go-live in a second wave 2 – 3 months after MSJ and HFH,

The first wave of ambulatory clinics affiliated with these sites will also go live within the two week time frame in November. We’re finalizing the list of remaining ambulatory clinics to determine the timing in order to minimize the gap between subsequent waves. Following PHC,  VGH, UBC and Richmond acute sites will go live in 2020.


Providers are encouraged to get a head start on the change by signing up for training on Front-End Speech Recognition (FESR) using the m-modal system and ensuring basic computer competency.

Additional steps are below (download timeline document here>).



If you have questions about the project and what it will mean for your clinical practice, reach out to your department/division provider champion (list below) or to the Senior Medical Director for CST Implementation.


Dr. Charles Lo
Senior Medical Director – CST Implementation

Provider Champions

Providence’s CST provider champions are assigned to each clinical area and are supporting us in the following ways:

  • Working with clinical informatics specialists to represent PHC colleagues in clinical specialties for design and validation work
  • Communicating needs and concerns of clinical groups with the CST project team
  • Sharing CST project updates/information at division or department meetings and directly with peers
  • Contributing to critical pre go-live activities
  • Helping lead CST Cerner demonstrations, skills sharpeners, dress rehearsals, and inform provider learning curriculum
  • Providing on-site support for physicians and other providers during the go-live period
Addiction Medicine: Dr. Rupinder Brar
Anesthesia: Dr. Charles Lo
Anesthesia Cardiology: Dr. Kevin Rondi
Anti-Microbial Stewardship: Dr. Victor Leung
Cardiology: Dr. Rob Boone
Cardiovascular / Cardiac Surgery: Dr. Jim Abel
Critical Care: Dr. Greg Grant (SPH)
Dermatology: Dr. Sheila Au
Emergency: Dr. David Agulnik, Dr. Christine Henderson
Endocrinology: Dr. Sabrina Gill
Family Medicine (10C): Dr. Donna McClure, Dr. Tracey Morris, Dr. Sarah Tranquilli-Doherty
FPTS Doctor of the Week:Dr. Nick Graham
Family Doctor Outreach Clinic (FDOC): Dr. Payam Sazegar
General Surgery: Dr. Jin-Si Pao (MSJ), Dr. Tracy Scott (SPH)
Geriatric Medicine: Dr. Gibong Lee
Haematology: Dr. Hatton Ezzat, Dr. Khaled Ramadan
Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC): Dr. Christopher Lowe
Infectious Diseases: Dr. Queenie Dinh
Internal Medicine: Dr. Nora Cummins (MSJ), Dr. Terence Yung
Laboratory: Dr. Dan Holmes
Maternity Clinic: Dr. Sarah Tranquilli-Doherty
Midwifery: Patricia Rohlfs, Kelsey Martin, Heba Al-Nashef
Nephrology: Dr. Monica Beaulieu
Nephrology (Transplant): Dr. David Landsberg
Neurology: Dr. Sara Ann Simpson
Nurse Practitioner: Bonnie Giovannetti
Obstetrics and Gynecology: Dr. Sue Kim
Ophthalmology: Dr. Heather O’Donnell, Dr. Sonia Yeung
Orthopedics: Dr. Tamim Umran (SPH), Dr. Jeff Pike
Otolaryngology: Dr. Brian Westerberg
Palliative, Hospice: Dr. Gil Kimel, Dr. Jonathan Pearce
Pathology: Dr. Lik Hang Lee
Pediatrics: Dr. Jovan Vuksic
Plastic Surgery: Dr. Kathryn Isaac
Psychiatry: Dr. Kevin Smith
Radiology: Dr. Brendan Quiney, Dr. Patrick Vos, Dr. Pari Tiwari
Rehabilitative Medicine: Dr. Grace Li, Dr. Evan Kwong
Residential Care: Dr. Ken Tekano
Respiratory Medicine: Dr. Scott Apperley
Rheumatology: Dr. Natasha Deghan
Urology: Dr. Henry Tran
Urology (Transplant):Dr. Brian Mayson
Vascular Surgery: Dr. Shaun MacDonald