Sep 2023

Become a volunteer Equity Editor


The PHC EDI Team is thrilled to invite staff to become volunteer Equity Editors!  

Driven by a passion for social justice, Equity Editors bring their lived experience to writing and reviewing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion content (i.e. PHC News articles, graphic design) for Days of Significance (i.e. Black History Month, Pride) at Providence Health Care.  

All staff, medical staff and researchers are welcome to participate as an Equity Editor supported by the EDI Team.

To sign up email with the subject EQUITY EDITORS 


Questions and Answers:  

What is an Equity Editor? 

Equity Editors bring their lived experience to writing and reviewing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion related communications content (I.e, PHC News articles, graphic design) at Providence Health Care. They create this content in the spirit of social justice and help with acknowledging equity-related days of significance like Black History Month and Pride. 

Is it a paid position? 

No. This is a volunteer role and is not a paid position. 

How much time do you expect I will contribute?  

At minimum Editors must provide 5 hours of volunteer time per year, and support at least 2 EDI dates of significance as either a writer or reviewer. 


Do I have to work for PHC? 

Yes. Equity Editors are PHC staff, researchers medical staff or residents.  


What are Equity Days of Significances? 

Equity Days of Significance acknowledge significant cultural and historical milestones of our diverse communities. This includes months, dates and weeks related to ability, ancestry and culture, gender, race and sexuality. Recent examples of dates the EDI team has celebrated include: Black History Month 2023, Anti-Racism Week 2023, Pride Weekend, Filipino Heritage Month, International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.  

How will I be recognized for my work? 

You can choose to be identified as an editor or author of the pieces you support and are able to share this content within the organization and your teams. 

Can I support this work anonymously as someone who writes or edits content? 

Your contributions can be anonymous if you choose and you can be a ‘shadow’ writer or editor. The EDI Team will need to know your identity to ensure you are a PHC staff, researcher, medical staff or resident.  


Visit Equity Editors ( on PHC Connect to learn more!