Sep 2023

Tracy Gwozd Winner of the Terina Werry Award for 2023



Tracy Gwozd is well-known in the Heart Centre as an innovative leader and advocate for exceptional patient & family centered care. As a nurse practitioner on 5B, Tracy cares for some of the most medically and socially complex cardiac surgery patients in the province. The responsibility of caring for these patients can sometimes be overwhelming but Tracy leads the clinical interdisciplinary team with a thoughtful, measured approach that ensures excellent, comprehensive care. For many years, there was an identified gap in care for our cardiac surgery patients following discharge from hospital.  Recognizing the risk this posed to our cardiac surgery patients, Tracy helped lead an incredible initiative which involved collaboration between both tech and clinical stakeholders, including  TELUS Health, the Digital Health Solutions Team, and our cardiac surgery clinical team aimed at addressing this gap in post-operative care. Working with Dr Jim Abel, Tracy started the REACS Pilot Program (REcovery After Cardiac Surgery). Tracy started this pilot program employing digital healthcare to optimize clinical outcomes and enhance the patient experience after cardiac surgery by utilizing the current literature on NP-led care post-operatively. Improving patient care and outcomes is something Tracy is passionate and committed to. This work is all being done in addition to her clinical responsibilities as well as mentoring the other nurses and nurse practitioners on cardiac surgery. Her presence and mentorship elevates the expectations for patient centred care and helps to ensure outcomes post cardiac surgery. Tracy’s leadership, capacity and drive improves the quality of patient care for our cardiac surgery patients and addresses patient concerns through continuity of care and program development.