Dec 2018

Physicians weigh into the Providence 7-year plan


On November 22, 2018, more than 100 physicians met to discuss priorities to submit to PHC’s strategic plan.  A diverse group of physicians from across Providence ranging from surgeons to radiologists came together with other medical staff and PHC leaders to share perspectives and ideas.

The discussion generated a number of goals and ideas that were put forward for consideration as part of the 7-year plan. See them here>

“There was tons of energy in the room. There was enthusiasm around long term plans, as well as some simple, quick wins that we can build on to harvest that energy, and keep it going forward.Dr. Neil Wells, President, Medical Staff Association

“It was inspiring to hear directly from so many of our medical staff as we develop our plan, and to see 100+ PHC physicians actively engaged in the discussions.”Deb Mitchell, VP, Organizational Strategy & Partnership

“We had to keeping talking louder to hear over the next table. People have things to say and are excited that someone is listening.”Dr. Chantal Leger, Vice-President, PHC Physicians & Surgeons Society

“It was a great opportunity to put a face to a name and interact in something productive and meaningful.” – Dr. Victor Leung, Vice President, PHC Physicians & Surgeons Society

“It was nice to see everybody motivated to bring our organization to the next level. Everyone felt welcome to share their best ideas.  The collaboration was great.” Dr. Jani Laramée, Working Group Member, PHC Physicians & Surgeons Society