Jan 2020

PHC’s Strategic Pillars: Introducing Physician Advisory Committees


Some of the team of physician leads, advisors and sponsors were introduced to medical staff on Dec. 9, 2019. 

Five Physician Advisory Committees (PACs) have been established to support activities of Physician Leads, in alignment with PHC’s strategic directions, and in collaboration with respective PHC sponsors and PASS. A total of 25 distinct physicians from diverse departments/divisions have been selected for these unique PACs. PACs and physicians leads have been prioritizing & progressing with activities to be completed by March 31.

See the list of physician consultant leads, physician advisors and VP sponsors below. Watch for more information to come through early 2020.  Meanwhile, you can also read more about the pillars and physician consultants here >

Exceptional Quality, Safety & Value

Physician Lead: Dr. Adrienne Melck

Physician Advisory Committee:

  • Kristine Chapman
  • Sabrina Gill
  • Garth Hunte
  • Shannon Jackson
  • Trina Montemurro
  • Janet Simons
  • Eileen Wong

PHC VP Sponsor: Dr. Ron Carere

Discover, Learn & Innovate for Impact

Physician Lead: Dr. Amin Sajan

Physician Advisory Committee:

  • Lik Hang Lee
  • Jeanne Macleod
  • Ron Ree
  • Peter Van den Elzen
  • Jesse Greiner

PHC VP Sponsor: Dr. Darryl Knight


Physician Lead: Dr. Grace Li

Physician Advisory Committee:

  • Clare Alexander
  • Adrian Huang
  • Lik Hang Lee
  • Pierre-Paul Lizotte

PHC VP Sponsor: Ms. Deborah Mitchell

Inspiring People & Teams

Physician Lead: Dr. Vishal Varshney

Physician Advisory Committee:

  • Lawrence Cheng
  • Joe Finkler
  • Julia Raudzus
  • Tony Wan

PHC VP Sponsor: Dr. Christopher De Bono

MSJ Clinical & Master Plan

Co-Leads: Dr. Nora Cummins & Dr. Victor Tsang

Physician Advisory Committee:

  • David Albiani
  • Harpreet Chauhan
  • Rudy Chow
  • Pierre-Paul Lizotte
  • Amie Padilla-Thornton
  • Chris Schneck

PHC VP Sponsors: Ms. Deborah Mitchell, Dr. Ron Carere.  Liaison: Dr. Jeff Pike