Aug 2022

New St. Paul’s Hospital Update: Aug 22, 2022


Improving the digital experience for outpatients and care teams 

New St. Paul’s Hospital providers will spend less time on information gathering and administration for outpatients, and have better electronic access to patient information and referral status.

  • Phase 1: By 2023/2024, patients will be able to check the status of their electronic referral and get appointment reminders on mobile/digital devices. Phase 2: In 2027, patients be able to go online to fill out pre-assessment and pre-visit forms, check into clinics, book appointments for some clinics, access digital way-finding for the campus, and view their visit history.
  • Physicians will be engaged in the Outpatient Digital Experience project as it develops. Watch a quick video intro or read more on PHC Connect.
  • Jacqueline’s life-changing experience with our Healthy Heart cardiac rehab program  inspired her to give input the new hospital’s rehab space. Read more.