Nov 2019

New St. Paul’s Medical Staff Challenge


A message from Dr. Tracy Scott, PHC Medical Staff President and Dr. Bobby Lee, PCH Medical Staff Vice-President 

Hello Medical Staff Colleagues,

Physicians are very much involved in planning for the new campus and establishing our place at the forefront of world-class medical care. We’re also looking to have the majority of medical staff make a financial donation to Phase 1 of the new St. Paul’s.

By supporting this effort in large numbers, we’ll lead the way by example, create a legacy for medical staff and have a powerful story to share with the public.

Big donors will be inspired give to new St. Paul’s when they see that our entire physician community is solidly behind it.   

We encourage you to make a donation alongside your colleagues and departments.

Please give what you can – your participation is what matters!

The Medical Staff Executive Committee is also rising to the challenge by making a parallel contribution to fund current medical staff and patient needs. 

Let’s make the new St. Paul’s happen!

p.s. I’ll be dropping by department meetings to update you– see you there!  –  Dr. Bobby Lee.