Jan 2023

Have an idea but don’t know how to make it happen?


We want to know about it!

Book an appointment with Holly van Heukelom.

We can talk about developing your idea,  navigating PHC’s internal structures and getting connected with the right programs and people.

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 Ideas: Forward Funding Streams + Opportunities for PHC Staff & Med Staff


Ideas: Forward is one of the ways that PHC is committed to being a learning organization, emphasizing continual transformation and the learning of its people.

Small and big ideas welcome!

Your improvement ideas can be as specific as how you would make the waiting room on your unit more comfortable for patients, or as large as a new model of care delivery you would like to implement with your care team.

Or if you work in a non-clinical area, maybe you want to advance your idea to improve collaboration amongst your team members who work remotely and those who are working on-site.


In collaboration with Providence Health Care and the Discover, Learn, & Innovate for Impact Medical Staff Advisory Committee.