Aug 2019

MSJ Clinical & Master Plan Physician Co-Leads


Congratulations Dr Nora Cummins and Dr Victor Tsang, who have been selected to provide physician leadership for the Mount Saint Joseph (MSJ) Clinical and Master Plan, with funding from the PHC Physicians and Surgeons Association (PASS).

Working in collaboration with the PHC senior executive leadership team, physician leadership for Redevelopment, and Medical Affairs, Drs Cummins and Tsang will bring the physician perspective to future planning for MSJ in three main areas:

  • Clinical Planning and Management: A review of current MSJ clinical services, volumes and practices as a baseline for an overall strategic, population-based, future state clinical delivery plan. This will lead to an MSJ Master Plan Options Analysis Report, which will be presented to the PHC senior leadership team and Board.
  • Provision of leadership, input, direction, and work collaboratively with the Corporate Director Strategic and Operational Projects to address non-clinically focused priorities, such as site infrastructure, communication, stakeholder engagement, and contract/ procurement of expert resources as appropriate.
  • Integration of clinical, clinical support and clinical administrative support service planning.

Drs Cummins and Tsang will start their positions on September 1, 2019.  Physicians who would like to contact them about MSJ Clinical Planning may e-mail