PHC 7-Year Strategic Plan

Putting our Plan into Action

A new 7-year strategic plan has been set out for Providence to guide decisions and priorities across our organization. Many physician priorities are included in the plan, and will unfold as we put it into action in our everyday work.

Our new strategic plan

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MISSION: FORWARD sets out foundational principles and high-level strategic directions, supported by aspirational goals, to help chart our organization’s way forward over the next seven years.

The goals are just the start of actions and a way to organize our efforts moving forward. The work has now started to bring the plan to life and apply it in a practical way to our daily work. Physician leadership is working to map key physician priorities to the plan and define department / division-specific actions.

Determining what we need to accomplish in 2019/20 to advance our strategic direction’s seven-year goals

Clinical, physician and corporate leaders have been working together to identify the most important work to happen over next two years to move us towards our goals, and to develop a list of first-year accomplishments that will guide the actions we need to get right in our first year.

  • This collection of work takes into consideration what we know about our current organizational capacity, available budget, our in-flight priorities and the window of time we’ve given ourselves to complete these actions.
  • This not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the work going on in the organization. It is meant instead to highlight the main things we are striving to accomplish to advance towards our 7-year goals.
  • Essentially, what are the jobs that need to be done today to get us to where we want to be tomorrow?

As part of this work, Medical Staff leadership has arranged for:

1. A physician lead for each of the four strategic directions

  • Four Consultant Physicians will represent the voice of medical staff in the implementation of PHC’s Strategic Plan, and play a key role in influencing our future.
    • Dr. Adrienne Melck: Exceptional Quality, Safety & Value
    • Dr. Amin Sajan: Discover, Learn & Innovate for Impact
    • Dr. Jiwei Li: Partnerships
    • Dr. Karen Dallas: Inspiring People & Teams

2. Developing metrics

  • Forming working groups
  • Formulating “SMART” objectives and identifying appropriate metrics

3. Piloting processes with the Surgery Program

  • Collaboration with Program Physician Director and Program Director
  • Test framework for discussions “what does this mean for our program/division?”
  • Leverage division structure and Dept. of Orthopedics

More about the Surgery Program Pilot and beyond

The Surgery Program is piloting a collaborative approach to co-develop a plan with Physician Program Director (PPD) and Program Director (PD) support.  This will produce a standardized approach/template to support other collaborative program/ department/ service planning, that is supported by cross-functional teams from strategic planning, performance improvement and decision support. The pilot will be completed by end of September.

  • Facilitated meetings with each surgery division will start in June.
  • This standardized approach will be rolled out over the course of the next year.
  • Areas that are ready can get started on their planning right away: please contact Josephine Jung, Corporate Director, Strategic Management (email: for support to provide a framework for these discussions.
  • Areas that are currently stretched thin can choose to start later, when the space and time presents to be purposeful in their planning.

Helpful documents:

Examples of how some of the priorities put forward by physicians apply to the strategic plan: