May 2020

How to Create Your Virtual Clinic Using Zoom


Dr. Adrian Huang, Orthopaedic Upper Limb & Trauma Surgeon at St. Paul’s Hospital, has created a series of Youtube videos to assist with navigating Zoom and creating the ultimate, easy to use, virtual clinic.

Creating your Virtual Health Clinic for Physicians: 

Learn how to create an incredibly efficient virtual clinic!  This video will teach you how to increase patient throughput and satisfaction, involve trainees and improve medical education, and have your virtual clinic function as well as your real life one.

How to Enable Breakout Rooms:

A complementary video specifically on how to enable breakout rooms on Zoom to increase virtual clinic efficiency.

Zoom Tips & Tricks for MOA’s:

A must watch for your MOA!  This Zoom tutorial will help them learn how to organize and run your virtual clinic effectively and will teach them how to manage common technical issues that patient users encounter.