Jul 2020

The New St. Paul’s: We Want to Hear From You!


We are elbows deep in the evaluation phase of the project. This phase of the project asks the question, have the 2 proponents competing to build the New St. Paul’s met the clinical specifications that we provided? Thank you to the many of you who have been engaging with Clinical Leads around evaluation of the proponent proposed designs. If you had concerns that felt unanswered, please reach out! This is a beginning not an end of the design process.

A question for you: On the New St. Paul’s campus, there are links between the Clinical Support and Research Center (CSRC) and the Acute hospital. What do these bridges mean to you? How will you use them? How will this influence the care you provide?

Please keep a look out for emails around Clinical Academic Groupings, an opportunity to gather for discussion about how we provide care for our complex patients and about how we work in the new space.