Oct 2020

Providence’s Professional Image Policy: Updated


Providence’s Professional Image Policy has been updated to include new pandemic-specific requirements. Everyone working at Providence – employees, medical staff, researchers, students, volunteers – is asked to familiarize themselves with and follow the policy as we prepare for a surge of patients with COVID-19.

What’s new for direct care staff:

  • Pandemic specific requirements
    • Bring uniform to work and change at work
    • Keep worn uniform in plastic bag until you get home
    • Wash separately from other laundry in hot water
  • PPE is never worn outdoors except extended use masks when travelling between sites
  • If you work in area where mandatory scrubs are required (OR; Cath Lab; MDRD) you only wear those scrubs in work area and not outdoors at any time
  • When outdoors uniforms are fully covered up – unless pandemic specific requirements in place
  • Lab coats are never worn outdoors
  • Hair longer than shoulder length is tied back off face
  • Nails are kept clean, short and polish free; artificial nails and nail jewellery are never worn
  • Maintain Bare Below the Elbows at all times when providing direct care:
    • Sleeves don’t hang below elbow length
    • Hand and wrist jewellery is removed with exception of one simple plain band ring
    • Avoid neck ties and lanyards

What’s new for non-direct care staff:

  • Pandemic specific requirements:
    • Non-medical grade masks are worn at all times when a 2-metre distance cannot be maintained

Providence has always had a professional image policy – however, the compliance of these requirements are more important than ever to help keep ourselves, colleagues and  patients safe during a global pandemic. Read the full policy here>

For more information, please read the Q&A below. If you have additional questions, please contact your manager.

Providence’s Professional Image Policy- FAQ