Redevelopment & Transformation

The new St. Paul's: transforming health care

We are maximizing physician input into St. Paul’s Hospital redevelopment plans.

Physicians have active role to play in the new St. Paul’s to influence how we work and care for our patient in the future, and to advance ideas that transform how health care services are delivered.

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Our sub-committee is working to:

  • Enable physicians to embrace transformation opportunities and outcomes measures and data sources to determine and support improvement.
  • Explore international innovations and best practices to bring back to planning for the new St. Paul’s.
  • Host multiple face-to-face events to connect and bring physicians together.

This sub-committee of the PHC Physicians and Surgeons Association is also part of PIVOT, which integrates the Innovation, SPH Redevelopment/Transformation and Modernizing IT into a broader subcommittee to manage ‘big ideas.’

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Dr. Jeff Pike
Physician Lead
Dr. Jeff Pike
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Physician Lead, Clinical Planning – St. Paul’s Redevelopment


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