The front door for big ideas

PIVOT is a formal coordinating body between the Innovation, Redevelopment and Transformation, and Modernizing IT sub-committees of the the PHC Physician and Surgeons Association (PASS).

PIVOT is the first point of entry for ‘big idea’ subject matter aligned with these sub-committees and includes:

  • New Facility Engagement project submissions.
  • PHC corporate inquiries
  • Physician funding requests for sessions dedicated to the sub-committees’ objectives.

Since the PHC PASS strategic plan was set for 2016-17, three of the sub-committees – Innovation, Modernizing IT, and Redevelopment/Transformation – have identified multiple themes of shared interest built around concepts of clinical change impacting patient care and provider satisfaction.

PIVOT Leadership and Membership includes:

  • PASS Subcommittee Chair, Innovation
  • PASS Subcommittee Chair, Redevelopment/Transformation
  • PASS Subcommittee Chair, Modernizing IT
  • Members at Large
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PIVOT: Big Ideas
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