Physician Input Into Governance

Including the physician voice in PHC governance

Our goal is to ensure that physician input is included in the governance of Providence Health Care, to support an organization with integrity and an environment of competency, transparency, and accountability.
Our plans and activities:

  • Developing leadership among physicians.
  • Mapping out leadership opportunities in our organization.

Our purpose:

  • Promote understanding of the governance of government structures, health authority and hospital governance mandates and authority, as well as self-regulating professional bodies and doctors’ associations in BC as they relate to physicians’ ability to transform and improve healthcare for their patients and their families.
  • Encourage meaningful engagement and leadership by physicians at all levels.

Our objectives: We are working to:

  • Create a culture of respect, collaboration and collegiality at all levels of PHC through improved communication between physicians, institution stakeholders, and governing bodies.
  • Encourage the collaboration of physicians with internal and external administrative and governing bodies at decision-making tables.
  • Enhance and empower physician leadership through training, education, and mentorship.
  • Support governance, empowerment, and leadership projects in alignment with PHC PASS Engagement strategic objectives.
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Dr. Moira Stillwell
Physician Lead
Dr. Moira Stillwell

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