Physician Community and Wellness

Building community and supporting wellness

We are working to build a strong physician community that improves patient care through strengthening physician relationships and our day-to-day working environment.

We’re working to help physicians thrive.

  • Physician Lifecycle – fostering engagement and participation in and transition from MSA.
  • Physician Health – fostering physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being.
  • PHC Physician Community – promoting physician well-being, interactions and collaboration.
  • Wellness Projects – supporting improved health, personal, and professional satisfaction.
  • Social Activities – facilitating stronger physician to physician relationships.

Plans and activities

  • Working collaboratively with PHC to develop physician on-boarding and provide ongoing support through the physician career life cycle including retirement.
  • Exploring fitness, and other shared leisure and social connections.
  • Building collaboration across all disciplines.
  • Hosting dedicated physician events.
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Dr. Karen Dallas
Physician Lead
Dr. Karen Dallas
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine



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