Projects Underway

Physician-led Engagement Projects

The following are PHC PASS Facility Engagement projects that are currently underway or have been completed.

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Full report of completed projects is here

Physician Community and Wellness

SPH Family Practice teaching service Engagement and Redevelopment – Dr. Pierre-Paul Lizotte
Develops a new model of care and education in hospital for a new revamped Family Practice Teaching Service.

Emergency Staff High Performance Team Building – Dr. Jeff Coleman
Engages more closely with SPH ED physicians, nursing, administration and allied health professionals in identifying and implementing opportunities for improved communication, team dynamics, professional satisfaction and quality patient care.

Coffee on Weekends at MSJ (Round 2) – Dr. Chris Schneck
Round 1 of this project was a great success. Aims to provide coffee in the ER of Mount Saint Joseph’s on weekends for physician staff and consultants.

Social Noon-Rounds (Round 2) – Dr. Tony Wan
Improves physician engagement and shared understanding between physicians about patients’ care concerns or about other topics of interest.

MSJ Second Wednesdays Gathering: The Scrub Glub Club – Dr. Nora Cummins
A series of social engagement events at MSJ where groups of physicians can interact socially and better understand each others’ needs and skills.

Breakfast in Res Care – Dr. Nardia Strydom
Physicians meet in each others’ work environments for breakfast and a tour (starting in a residential care facility), to gain insights and share information about patients.

New Physician ‘Welcome Wagon’ – Dr. Janet Simons
Welcomes new medical staff to PHC by having mid/late career PHC physicians meet with new staff in a social setting to provide information, and foster connections and collaboration.

Physician Input into Governance

Physician Governance in Action to Support Program Change – Dr. Julia Raudzus/Dr. Gil Kimmel 
Identifies the key elements to better support program change with physicians and Allied Health Professionals (AHP) in the Palliative Care team. Possible implementation of such learning will be shared with another team with a similar working model.

Learning from Every Death Initiative – Dr. Nardia Strydom
Training for 5 to 20 physicians to conduct mortality reviews in a structured format at a monthly team meeting that crosses departments and disciplines.

Nurturing Physician Leaders at PHC Through a Leadership Alumni – Dr. Shannon Jackson
Creating a PHC alumni group to help facilitate physicians’ success as leaders and understanding of the most effective leadership styles and skills for a situation.

Enhancing Physician Input into Development and Review of Interdisciplinary and Nursing Practice Standards – Dr. Martin Trotter
An opportunity for physician experts and stakeholders have input into the development and review of interdisciplinary and nursing practice standards.

St. Paul’s Redevelopment & Transformation
Centralized Referral Intake for elbow, wrist, and hand problems   – Dr. Jeff Pike
Standardizes a centralized simpler referral process by decreasing waiting time to less than 3 months for patients with elbow, wrist and hand problems within 8 months of implementation at SPH.

Learnings from Kaiser Permanente  – Dr. Jeff Pike
Proposes actionable items to advance the Facility Engagement (FE) mission from a 3-day visit to a successful health care organization.

Development of the multidisciplinary surgical skills laboratory – Dr. Kathryn Isaac
Establishes a working group of surgeons for the new surgical simulation center under an overarching SPH Simulation center.

Redevelopment and Modernization of Acute Internal Medicine Service at SPH – Dr. Terence Yung
Develops a proposal on the structure and operation of a new acute medicine service at the current and new SPH with strong input from the physician community.

St. Paul’s Emergency Department Redevelopment Engagement Initiative – Dr. Mattias Berg Dr. Julian Marsden
Increases emergency physician (EP) awareness and engagement into the planning for the new ED. Foundational to this is a a new vision of how we provide care for patients in the future.


West End RACE 2.0 – Dr. Jeff Pike
Creates discrete networks of primary care providers linked with a formal network of specialists from PHC. One of the main deliverables is to implement a shared charter complete with relationship-building activities.

Innovation Collaboration & Creating Partnership: A Proposal – Dr. Alan Rabinowitz
Creates discrete networks of primary care providers linked with a formal network of specialists from PHC. One of the main deliverables is to implement a shared charter complete with relationship-building activities.

SPH 10C Multidisciplinary Case Rounds Pilot – Dr. William Connors
Reviews historical and educational cases in the Urban Health Infection Unit at SPH (UHIU-SPH/10C) to obtain clarification of patient care plans and in the long run to build a framework of the ideal multidisciplinary rounds.

Enhancing the Continuum of Stroke Patient Care – PHC – Dr. Evan Kwong
Facilitates interaction and engagement between front-line physicians who are involved in the care of stroke patients at PHC, and with PHC and VCH, around the efficiency, timeliness, and complexity of patient-centered stroke care, rehabilitation, and complex discharge needs.

State of Art Teaching and Learning Through Simulation at SPH – Dr. Jeanne Macleod
A simulation committee with representatives from different departments and governance structure, enables physicians groups who wish to develop simulation programs can get together and collaborate – and create a culture of learning innovation at SPH.

Decreasing departmental costs through price awareness – Dr. David Agulnik
Engages hospital administration to make the true cost of the disposable supplies/products on a per-use basis visible to hospital staff, to create less waste and/or find lower cost alternatives.

Development of a high-fidelity mannequin for E-CPR (ECMO-facilitated CPR) simulations – Dr. David Agulnik
Modification of a CPR mannequin to enable high fidelity simulations for a cutting-edge complex procedure in which ER physicians and surgeons perform ultrasound guided cannulation of both femoral vessels while CPR is being done.

Multidisciplinary Team Engagement – Dr. Jeanne Macleod
A sustainable Simulation Program promotes team building, encourages multidisciplinary learning, improves patient care, and fosters better relationships between departments.

Modernizing IT

Integrated Online Patient Pathway Portal for Complex Pain Patients – Dr. Jill Osborn
Implements an integrated online patient pathway of Pain Clinics at SPH that is accessible by physicians and allied health care professionals (AHPs).

Transforming MRI Scheduling: Optimization for Clerical Staff & Radiologist – Putting Patients First – Dr. Darra Murphy
Creates a smart system that intercepts the requisitions coming in from central intake and triages them into broad categories.

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