Jul 2019

PHC Physicians and Surgeons Association Executive for 2019/20


This year’s Physician and Surgeons Association (PHC PASS) directors Dr. Victor Leung, Dr. Tracy Scott and Dr. Lik Hang Lee are providing oversight and leadership for physician facility engagement activities at Providence with a working group and in partnership with our Medical Staff Association and PHC.

Read more about PHC PASS here, its working group and subcommittees, and work to build our physician community and voice at Providence>

Dr. Julia Raudzus, President

Medical Director, BC Provincial Tertiary Adult Eating Disorders Program | Physician Lead, Consult Liaison Psychiatry | Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia

What are you passionate about at work? I have been working at St. Paul’s Hospital for 9 years and over this time I have been increasingly interested in working on professional collaborations, partnerships and relationships not only within psychiatry, but also within the larger hospital network. I see the direct benefit of improved connection and communication in facilitating consistent and improved patient care.

Outside of work? When I am outside of work, my energy is directed towards my family. I have two incredible children, ages 6 and 13. My goal is to be as present with them as possible. As a family, we love to spend time on the Gulf Islands and on the slopes in Whistler.

What are you most looking forward to in this work/role? I am looking forward to connecting with colleagues from a variety of specialties who share a passion for improving physician culture and help facilitate physician involvement to shape the future of our organization.

Dr. Tracy Scott, Vice President

General Surgeon | Past Medical Staff Association President 

What are you passionate about at work? As a surgeon, I like to fix things. It’s really nice to see a patient come with a problem that we can actually fix. They go home with such gratitude, feeling 100% better.

Outside of work?  Family and travel. I have 2 girls, 11 and 7, and we often take trips with my husband. This year we’re going to a summer place in Penticton. The kids are excited to start a family tradition out there.

Dr. Lik Hang Lee, Treasurer

Anatomical Pathology

What are you passionate about at work? As a pathologist, problem solving and working collaboratively with others. Even though I’m not at the front line seeing the patients, I enjoy knowing that I make important contributions to their care.

Outside of work? Spending time with my family and playing with my nieces. We enjoy eating and travelling. I also enjoy listening to and making music, learning new things, and outdoor activities like hiking, that allow me to marvel at the wonders of nature.