Jul 2019

PHC Physicians and Surgeons Association Executive for 2019/20


This year’s Physician and Surgeons Association (PHC PASS) directors Dr. Karen DallasDr. Victor Leung, and Dr. Lik Hang Lee are providing oversight and leadership for physician facility engagement activities at Providence with a working group and in partnership with our Medical Staff Association and PHC.

Read more about PHC PASS here, its working group and subcommittees, and work to build our physician community and voice at Providence>


Dr. Karen Dallas, President

Hematopathology | Division Head, Hematopathology & Transfusion Medicine

What are you passionate about at work?  I love diagnostic medicine; being able to figure out “what’s going on” with patients is so satisfying!  Moreover, I am passionate about building a Culture that embraces the spirit of continuous Quality Improvement.

Outside of work? I am a fitness enthusiast, I volunteer at home and abroad, and I have an adorable French Bulldog.

Dr. Victor Leung, Vice President

Infectious Diseases Consultant and Medical Microbiologist | Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Control | Physician Lead, Antimicrobial Stewardship

What are you passionate about at work? Stopping preventable hospital acquired infections and promoting  responsible antimicrobial use, and finding new ways of doing things to deliver better care.

Outside of work? I enjoy cooking, cycling and swimming, and spending time with my niece.

Dr. Lik Hang Lee, Treasurer

Anatomical Pathology

What are you passionate about at work?  As a pathologist, problem solving and working collaboratively with others. Even though I’m not at the front line seeing the patients, I enjoy knowing that I make important contributions to their care.

Outside of work? Spending time with my family and playing with my nieces.  We enjoy eating and travelling. I also enjoy listening to and making music, learning new things, and outdoor activities like hiking, that allow me to marvel at the wonders of nature.