Apr 2022

New St. Paul’s Hospital and Health Campus Physician Directors’ Update: April 9, 2022



  • 70% Detailed Design Stage is underway until mid summer.
    • 70% is the last stage of design development which involves intense clinical stakeholder engagement. (90-100% focuses on construction documents).
    • Finalizes all the room details: doors, equipment layout, millwork, interior finishes.
    • Begins looking at room-level IT device location.
    • Fully-built mock rooms this fall are another opportunity to see our future.
    • After 70%, attention turns to Health System Redesign, IT/technology and equipment procurement.



  • CSRC Update:
    • The multi-building complex is expected to be 2½ times bigger than VGH’s Diamond Centre, and connected to the hospital.
    • About ½ the space will be occupied by PHC, the rest by strategic industry and commercial enterprises.
    • CSRC Innovation Centre will be an interactive amenity for medical staff and researchers to drive relationships and new ideas and solutions for patients.
    • We are considering new creative more affordable leasing options. Watch for more at the MSA Quarterly and June MAC.

    • Development Partner will be chosen this fall. Building Concept Design will start shortly after – input provided by CSRC Medical/Clinical Working Group members.

  • Health System Redesign is ramping up this year (system-wide changes to improve and transform the quality, efficiency, safety and effectiveness of patient care).
    • Adopting a Value-Based Health Care lens, which focuses on outcomes that really matter to patients
    • Evolving our current program structure into Integrated Patient Programs and Resource Platforms to improve the delivery of patient-centred care
    • Refreshing staffing models to support new ways of delivering care, and aligning incentives and motivators across the organization (including physician compensation).
    • Clinical operations will lead/drive the work. A few teams will be ‘early adopters’, to set the stage for the rest of us.
    • For now, this work is for St. Paul’s Hospital.
  • Some Early Implementation Opportunities are getting underway: outpatient digital experience, clinical operations centre, connected patient rooms, Emergency Department pod model.
  • Equipment Procurement: Medical staff will be giving input into Category A, B, E, F equipment.

    • For Category G: About 30% of existing medical equipment will be moved to the new hospital — mobile clinical equipment in good condition (beds, stretchers, and carts), to be fiscally and environmentally responsible. Over the next few years the Equipment Team will reach out to all departments to determine current state of equipment, and its viability for transfer.

  • The first crane is up at Station Street, signalling the start of the ‘building’ phase. Four more cranes to go! The main floor might appear above ground by the end of the year.