Jul 2020

New Remote Access Tokens- Register by July 17!


SafeNet tokens (MobilePASS app) are being replaced with Microsoft tokens (Microsoft Authenticator app) between now and July 17. A token is used for remote access to webmail, as well as shared folders and applications via Citrix.

If you use a SafeNet token, check your mailbox for a personalized email from VCH, PHC and PHSA Tokens. Please follow the instructions to register your Microsoft token by July 17.

The new token is more user-friendly. It doesn’t require the PIN + token code combination, just one-tap approval on your work or personal mobile device. Join those enjoying simpler access.

Registering your new token will take approximately five minutes. You have until July 17 to register and test your new token. In case you have issues with registration, your SafeNet token will continue to work in parallel until this date. If you need assistance, please contact the Service Desk>.

An IMITS representative will contact you by July 10 to discuss next steps if you use a SafeNet hard token or old Citrix, access.vch.ca. Please watch your health organization email for this update.

Need a remote access token? The form to request Remote Access via Citrix can be completed when you are off the network.

To learn more about remote access, visit the IMITS InfoCentre (inside the network).