The 500,000 Question

How should physician engagement activities & funds be prioritized moving forward?


On Nov. 30 2022, 43 physicians met to discuss and refresh priorities for engagement funding, activities, and sustainability at Providence. This is your opportunity to weigh in.

What did we hear?

Physicians discussed engagement activities to continue, and activities that should change or be improved. Below is a high-level summary of the themes and feedback heard.

What do you think? 

Take a few minutes to comment on the themes below, and add your own priorities. Scroll below for more background info.

Give your feedback here.

Your anonymous feedback will be used to inform Medical Staff engagement plans at Providence moving forward.

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What are we deciding?

We are now in our 6th year of building a more engaged medical staff culture at Providence Health Care through PHC-PASS and Facility Engagement.

Together, we we have come a long way to create a collective, respected voice of influence for patient care and our workplace.

But we still have more work to do to build on our progress, sustain our work, and achieve a truly meaningful voice in health authority decision making.

We can’t do everything, so we are asking physicians help prioritize activities for engagement moving forward.

The results of these member consultations will be used by the PHC Physicans & Surgeons Society (PHC PASS) to create a sustainability plan and budget to be presented to a 2023 MSA meeting for all members to vote on.

Engagement timeline


How have medical staff been engaging to date?

What is PHC-PASS and physician facility engagement?

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