May 2021

CST Provider Champions

Addiction Medicine: Dr. Rupinder Brar
Anesthesia: Dr. Charles Lo
Anesthesia Cardiology: Dr. Kevin Rondi
Anti-Microbial Stewardship: Dr. Victor Leung
Cardiology: Dr. Rob Boone
Cardiovascular / Cardiac Surgery: Dr. Jim Abel
Critical Care: Dr. Greg Grant (SPH)
Dermatology: Dr. Sheila Au
Emergency: Dr. David Agulnik, Dr. Christine Henderson
Endocrinology: Dr. Sabrina Gill
Family Medicine (10C): Dr. Donna McClure, Dr. Tracey Morris, Dr. Sarah Tranquilli-Doherty
FPTS Doctor of the Week:Dr. Nick Graham
Family Doctor Outreach Clinic (FDOC): Dr. Payam Sazegar
General Surgery: Dr. Jin-Si Pao (MSJ), Dr. Tracy Scott (SPH)
Geriatric Medicine: Dr. Gibong Lee
Haematology: Dr. Hatton Ezzat, Dr. Khaled Ramadan
Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC): Dr. Christopher Lowe
Infectious Diseases: Dr. Queenie Dinh
Internal Medicine: Dr. Nora Cummins (MSJ), Dr. Terence Yung
Laboratory: Dr. Dan Holmes
Maternity Clinic: Dr. Sarah Tranquilli-Doherty
Midwifery: Patricia Rohlfs, Kelsey Martin, Heba Al-Nashef
Nephrology: Dr. Monica Beaulieu
Nephrology (Transplant): Dr. David Landsberg
Neurology: Dr. Sara Ann Simpson
Nurse Practitioner: Bonnie Giovannetti
Obstetrics and Gynecology: Dr. Sue Kim
Ophthalmology: Dr. Heather O’Donnell, Dr. Sonia Yeung
Orthopedics: Dr. Tamim Umran (SPH), Dr. Jeff Pike
Otolaryngology: Dr. Brian Westerberg
Palliative, Hospice: Dr. Gil Kimel, Dr. Jonathan Pearce
Pathology: Dr. Lik Hang Lee
Pediatrics: Dr. Jovan Vuksic
Plastic Surgery: Dr. Kathryn Isaac
Psychiatry: Dr. Kevin Smith
Radiology: Dr. Brendan Quiney, Dr. Patrick Vos, Dr. Pari Tiwari
Rehabilitative Medicine: Dr. Grace Li, Dr. Evan Kwong
Residential Care: Dr. Ken Tekano
Respiratory Medicine: Dr. Scott Apperley
Rheumatology: Dr. Natasha Deghan
Urology: Dr. Henry Tran
Urology (Transplant):Dr. Brian Mayson
Vascular Surgery: Dr. Shaun MacDonald