Apr 2019

300 doctors, 3 minutes each.


Our goal is 300+ physician responses. We want to achieve the best response in the province. You can help! 

How are you interacting with Providence Health Care?

Please take 3 minutes to give feedback!

The Doctors of BC annual Health Authority Physician Engagement Survey is the largest in the country.

Results are used to negotiate policy change and working conditions impacting physicians.

It is crucial that we increase the PHC physician response rate to be statistically significant, to have an impact with Providence, and to shape changes affecting physicians based on results.

Deadline is April 30, but please take a few minutes now so we can track response rates.

How? Complete the anonymous survey sent to your e-mail from Health Standards Organization on April 1, 2019 followed by weekly reminders. . If you did not receive it, email surveys@doctorsofbc.ca.