Dec 2020

2020 Accomplishments


December’s MSA Quarterly Meeting and Holiday Social celebrated us!

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Here are just a few of the amazing 2020 accomplishments & points of pride from PHC medical staff:

  • Awesome multidisciplinary teams!
  • Colleagues adjusting to changing information on the fly and coming together as a team.
  • The positivity, resilience and agility of Medical Staff to pivot to new ways of doing things.
  • Advocating for patients: involvement with national & international COVID Tasks Forces outside of PHC.
  • Despite being a Covid crisis, people felt at home having a team, and felt safe and secure in the environment.
  • Bouncing back from interruptions starting with CST followed by COVID.
  • Increased collaboration between the Medical Staff Association and Senior Leadership Team.
  • Powerful that med staff and organization can be on the same page and mutually influence each other.
  • New leadership, new programs and collaborations, interesting international work being done creatively using virtual tools.
  • St. Paul’s as the first in BC to have testing on site.
  • Providence leaders coming together to develop COVID guidelines.
  • Medical Staff took the adversity of COVID to lead the way.
  • Physicians at Providence are not just showing up for the work day: they are actually wanting to change the way care is provided, the patients’ experiences; they want to lead the way in medical education, research and innovation.
  • Changing the way neuromodulation programs at Providence provide care, and which have become the most diverse program across the country.
  • How our colleagues at Holy Family turned things around; changed the way care is provided at LTC homes and where outbreaks occur.
  • Even when COVID happened, physicians forged on to lead SuperCluster work, and there are now 50 probes around he province collecting data about patient care and outcomes.
  • 24 hour conversion of 8 ICU rooms to negative pressure, normally takes months!
  • Donations made by patients who were appreciative of the care they received at Providence (and in a position to do so) – a $150,000 donation from one.
  • The goodwill that health care workers have received; so much appreciation from people is keeping us going through these trying times.
  • People hanging in there:  supporting large families through tough time, balancing work and family.
  • So much amazing talent and interests on the medical staff to pursue during downtime: music, painting, cooking, travelling in our own backyard, our own province.
  • Discharge of a 99 year old COVID patient who is doing well!

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